Gold Order of Mercury

Framed Gold Order of Mercury

The SCRA now offers a Gold Order of Mercury to honor any Signal Soldier who died while deployed to or as a direct result of injuries or illness sustained in a GWOT Theater. In addition to those soldiers who are deployed to a GWOT Theater of Operations, the Gold order of Mercury is also available for those soldiers who are killed in the line of duty or died from injuries or illness sustained by any terroristic action anywhere in the world and validated as such by the National Signal Corps Regimental Association Board of Directors. This award is presented to the soldier posthumously and should be used by the unit to provide to the family members during any memorial ceremony or event that recognizes the soldier. This award is at no cost to the unit. We just need to know as soon as possible so that we can prepare, package, and ship to you as soon as possible. The awarding of the Gold Order of Mercury automatically includes the option to award the Gold Wahatchee to the spouse. This is also at no cost and you only need to let us know names of all concerned.

Contact Dwayne Williams, SCRA National Executive Officer for more details and to submit names for this award [email protected]

Click here for listing of Soldiers who have been honored posthumously with the Gold Order of Mercury.