Bronze Wahatchee

Brevet Colonel

Mounted Brevet Colonel Brevet Colonel Certificate

The Bronze Wahatchee is for individuals who have voluntarily contributed in a significant way to the improvement of the Signal Corps community.

Approval authority for the bronze may be a Signal Corps lieutenant colonel in command, a colonel or a general officer. If no officer is available, the approval authority may be the national SCRA award board.

Nomination Criteria for Bronze Wahatchee

The nomination packet for the Bronze Wahatchee award should include a cover memorandum from the nominator; a one-page justification which details the nominee's contributions to the Signal Corps community; a point of contact with complete mailing address and desired presentation date; and payment for the award.

The nomination packet can be forwarded to the SCRA National headquarters and arrive not later than four weeks before the desired presentation date. SCRA will forward the approved award to the nominator, or return the package and prepayment if disapproved.  The Bronze Wahatchee is $40. Award with stick pin is $50 (shipping included)

Awards can be submitted electronically to [email protected] Signal Corps Regiment Association National Office, 4570 Dewey Drive, Martinez, Georgia 30907.  For email submissions, you can purchase the award once approved in the SCRA Store.

Online Award Application

Sample Nomination and Justification Letter