Bronze Order of Mercury

Bronze Order of Mercury

Mounted Bronze Order of Mercury Bronze Order of Mercury Certificate

The Bronze Order of Mercury recognizes those people who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity, moral character, professional competence and selflessness, and who have contributed significantly to the promotion of the Signal Corps and the Signal Regimental Association.

To nominate someone for the Bronze Order of Mercury, prepare a detailed one-page justification and obtain approval from the approving authority -- any Signal Corps colonel or general officer who is an active SCRA member. When a Corps colonel or GO is not available, the award board may approve the award.

Criteria for Justification of a Bronze Order of Mercury

This award is to be given to members of the Association who have served the Regiment well and have made a significant contribution to the Association’s activities in the pursuit of its goals. A nominee’s grade and length of service must be considered as to degree of contribution to our Regiment, length of Association membership, and participation in our Association. Special consideration must be given to our functional area officers who have their first opportunity to become both members of the Regiment and Association only when they become Career Field Designated as a major so may first only learn of our Association at that time.

The Bronze Order of Mercury can be approved by any colonel of the Regiment* who is also a member in good standing with the Association. The nominee must also be an outstanding member of the Regiment and a member of the Association. Colonels of the Regiment must zealously maintain the standard of this award. If a colonel of the Regiment is not available, the nominator can submit the recommendation to SCRA National Board of Directors where it will be placed before the awards board.

* A colonel of the Regiment is defined as any Signal Corps colonel or a colonel in functional area 24 or 53 who has officially affiliated with the Regiment.

Awards can be submitted electronically to [email protected] Signal Corps Regiment Association National Office, 4570 Dewey Drive, Martinez, Georgia 30907.  For email submissions, you can purchase the award once approved in the SCRA Store.

Online Award Application

Sample Nomination and Justification Letter